Giveaway & Review -QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags !

All the parents out there can understand how travelling and packing is with a baby! Trust me packing for just two of us was far easier than packing for a baby and you can't afford to miss a single damn thing. 

You need everything for them and in case you missed any that was the only thing needed during that time. I always used to put the extra polybags in the travel bag to throw the soiled diapers.

Luckily before my holidays this season i got to know about these QuickGrab Fragranced Disposable bags from Sue Ann. Really want to thank her for sharing this product with me as i find it really useful while travelling with my kids.

 Recently we went on a 12 hours train journey and it was really unpleasant to keep those soiled diapers but that was the first time I have used these quick grab bags and no one could even make out that it has spoiled diapers inside it. It really looks cute from the outside and dark in colour.

Packed in a very convenient and compact style for hassle free use .Thankfully I won't have to save those grocery bags to throw the diapers.

I felt that one bag has quite a good space to throw your diaper as well as wet wipes after a use.

These bags have a mild powdery fragrance so even if you have changed the diaper inside your car and couldn't find anywhere nearby to throw it. You can still keep it inside without those unpleasant smell.
I find them quite affordable and very handy not just for diapers but for your soiled wet wipes as well. 

You can easily get these QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags from Vaby , Kulily and Mummysmarket at just $4.50 for a pack of 125 bags. Look for more information on this product and usage, refer to their website and facebook page.

Thank You Sue-Ann for being so thoughtful to send these sweet treat for my little munchkins.

Giveaway Time ! 

I will be choosing 3 lucky winners to try these QuickGrab Fragranced Disposal Bags. Simply enter into the giveaway.

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