Serious about preschool launch party !

Serious About Preschool is a one-stop portal for parents to find enrichment courses, holiday programs and group activities for their pre-schoolers age 0-6 years old !

Last week Serious about preschool had their launch party and thanks to Corrine for inviting us for a day full of fun, craft and unlimited play.

We had sessions from Julia Gabriel to Heguru to Da little arts and I must say that it was very informative for parents who had been thinking to enroll their kids to these enrichment centres. 

My girl who has just turned 2 and i am still exploring the different options where i can find the groups which are of her interest rather than me forcing her to join.

Julia Gabriel Session 
All the kids have enjoyed the session full of song, dance and story time. I liked the way they narrated 'The three Billy goat gruffs" and kids felt as it was a real goat walking on the bridge.

      At the end of session all the kids got the Billy goat craft to do at home too.

    Soon after our  story time and dance we moved on to next fun stop !!!
     Da Little school 
     Kids got  their blank frames to paint and decorate it in colour of their choice. 

First round was for bigger kids so Aayan started painting his frame in green.

My little princess exploring the colours so half of it on hand and rest half goes on the frame.

Kaira's motor skills are quite good the way she hold the stick with glue  to pick up the sequin. Craft is indeed a good way to develop their motor skills.

Now comes the waiting time for both of them - masterpieces are drying for a while ! So we got ready for our next session with Heguru. I have heard a lot about them so really want to attend the session and understand it. Somehow I felt that  it was pretty fast and kids were not settled to let us see and understand the concept at all. Little bit I could make out was the flash cards used to train your right brain.

 I might have to read more about it to get a proper understanding of this concept.

Some class activities to be done during the session.

 After the brainstorming session, kids head straight to playarea for unlimited fun.
This time i bring them alone here so can imagine that I can't keep eye on both and forget about clicking them together while playing. As both will be in a different directions.
Aayan was busy with his lego which he was building in between jumping here and there.

                                                                 A little beautiful home !

           Girls will be girls busy getting her tattoo done- A cat !

Beautiful craft with their photos which they were carrying everywhere!

 Overall a great day and very well organised for kids to learn, enjoy and play !

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